Blair Montgomery's Cast Member bust.

 Blair Montgomery is a major villain and antagonist in Serial 11 "The Planet of Genetic Misadventure". He is a rather powerful looking Cygnusian white tailed deer who is often seen wearing a black cloak and cape, black gloves, and wielding a cane that appears to be decorated with a skull. Blair is not only the owner and CEO of Montgomery Techincal but also The Wazzir of Halloween. Many think that he is out to amass nothing more than wealth and power, though it's been hinted at here and there that there may possibly be an emotional investment in what he is doing.

Blair is cold, calculating, and manipulative, and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, and contains a vast array of dark magic and technological know how that he uses to make his visions to become a reality. He employs hench furs at will, concucts dark plans, and many feel he may be the mastermind behind the apartment fire that set off the crime wave in Suburbia. In addition, he is also conspiring with the Queen of Halloween to marry Kara Collins, the princess, in order to give the town an untold amount of wealth from Blair's company; in exchange, The Queen will give Blair a book known as The Book of Secrets.