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Kacey Caddell is a dusty pink squirrel/skunk (though the only telling characteristic of her skunk side is her sunk-like tail) Cygnusian and a major character in Serial 11 "The Planet of Genetic Misadventure". Though she currently lives in Suburbia in an apartment with Vicki Anderson she had moved there with her parents from another town. Though she looks like a normal Cygnusian on the outside genetics-wise she is considered a Mutant due to her animal genetics being more dominant than her human ones, forcing her to act in a very shy and timid manner that cripples her heavily socially to the point of impairment. She would have been terminated due to her being under the standard of life, however fortunately she knows Perry Rhoades who has done everything in his power to help her keep the right to live, such as giving her a job as a secretary at Rhoades Instruments.

Kacey meets Christine Rhoades early in Serial 11 however Christine first terrifies Kacey by pouncing on the hapless squirrel which flared up her prey animal instincts. Despite this first rocky meeting Christine ends up becoming fast friends with Kacey and even grows very close to her. Christine is also able to find out how to bypass Kacey's extreme shyness using a ritual that involves personally giving Kacey an item as a sign of friendship and trust by utilizing what Christine calls "Squirrel Logic".

Kacey has many talents and interests, including being a writer and active participant in the Pure Human Fandom, having a good knowledge of computers and technology and what it's like living as a Mutant in Suburbia. She's also done lots of work into the realm of lucid dreaming, and when her and Vicki venture into Perry Rhoades' mind shows expert control of dreams to the point of taking on a determined and courageous demeanor.

It's revealed via a Mating Dream that Kacey Caddell is the reincarnation of Chikyuian artist Kimberly Macavoy, someone whom Christine Rhoades loved when she used to live on Chikyu.

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Kacey shows Vicki one of her favorite musicians, much to the latter's surprise.