Serial 1 "Children of the Ommadawn" is the oldest proposed serial in the Spectral Shadows series. It is also, so far, the only serial to have been completed, sitting at a total of 19 Episodes sans "Prologue: A Transcendental Radio Show"

The prolouge was published online on 6/4/2004, which could be considered the online launch of Spectral Shadows, and the first episode, S1x1 "An Invitation to the Living Forest", was published on 6/5/2004 which can be considered the online launch of Serial 1. 

Serial 1 Episodes
Episode Number Episode Name Summary  Date of Publication
0 Prologue: A Transcendental Radio Show The Spaceman prepares for the airing of the first Spectral Shadows radio shows.  6/4/2004
1 An Invitation to the Living Forest Captain Shane arrives in Shirin Forest to witness Praline Ommandeer give birth to Jon and Rael . 6/5/2004
2 The Predatory Perogative While with out their mother Praline in the forest, Jon and Rael witness Kitsune kill a rabbit.  6/12/2004
3 To The Power of Three Praline takes her sons out to play and experience the open forest meadow.  6/19/2004
4 The Storm A horrible storm wrecks havoc on the forest, and Praline later recounts the story of how the world was created by Ra6/26/2004
5 Candice As Clairce plays with her cousins Jon and Rael, Praline and her sister Candice have a conversation.  7/3/2004
6 The Shrine While exploring the forest Clarice, Jon and Rael discover an anicent Omman Shrine . 7/10/2004
7 The Power to Believe The children get a good lesson in how belief carries great power.  7/17/2004
8 The Power to Decieve Clairce is decived by the malovent leader of the Selgabunny Clan . 7/24/2004
9 You Always Hurt the Ones You Love Jon and Rael go to Clairce to confort her and get involved in more than they bargained for.  7/31/2004
10 You Always Feel Responsible for What You Tame Rael has a stand off with Kistune, and attempts to use kindness and love, rather than violence, to save Clairce.  8/7/2004
11 Fox on the Run Refusal to cooperate with his tribe in a foul deed sees Kitsune become a marked beast.  8/14/2004
12 The Holy Absolution of Extinction Praline and her family encounter a legendary race of deer in the forest that had been said to be extinct.  8/21/2004
13 The Orgin of the Universe Captain Shane arrrives to take Jon and Rael away to begin their training to become Omman Knights8/28/2004
14 An Interview with the She-Wolf On their journey up the mountain Shane and his squires encounter Milfa, a wolf under the Lupine King9/4/2004
15 The Court of the Lupine King As Shane and his squires continue their journey the auidence sees life under The Predatory Perogative. 9/11/2004
16 Hi! I'm Rociante Shane, Jon, and Rael finally reach Shane's SoundChaser , Rociante , and meet the robotic doll that serves as its eyes and ears.  9/18/2004
17 Reality Is Relative The squires get a lesson on the nature of reality.  9/25/2004
18 The Art of Standing Up In their new bidpedal forms Jon and Rael take a lesson or two in not only standing, but another life lesson.  10/2/2004
19 The Education of a Knight Jon and Rael train aboard Rociante, meet a new friend , and embark on a new training quest in the virtual world of Aslander10/9/2004