Serial 2 "The Aslanders" is the second oldest proposed serial in the world of Spectral Shadows. Though it has episodes that have been posted since 2004 it has been frozen in development as The Author does not feel up to task with a serial that is combat heavy and full of RPG elements.

The first episode of Serial 2, "Entering the Game", was published 10/16/2004, and is the launch of Serial 2. Unlike Serials 1, 4, and 11 it is not preceded by an Opening Radio Script.

Serial 2 Episodes
Episode Number Episode Name Summary Date of Publication
1 "Entering the Game" Christy James awakens inside The Aslander Role-Playing Game and learns her new role. 10/16/2014
2 "Welcome To Magical School" Christy, Jon, and Rael are accompanied by Captain Shane and Eleanor as they make their way to Aslander School of Magic. 10/23/2004
3 "The Classrooms" Jon and Rael separate into a different class  from Christy due to being more advanced, and viewers get a glimpse of Aslander classrooms.  10/30/2004
4 "The Science of Magic" Mr. Stopheles gives an important scientific lecture on the nature of magic in the universe.  11/6/2004
5 "The Alien Princess Club vs. The Warriors Club" Princess Tabby's club gets in a gruesome battle with rival Ty's own club11/13/2004
6 "Charm Magic" Jon gets a valuable lesson in how there's more to battles than raw strength and magic - and how Charm is an important element of Aslander.  11/20/2004