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Lorri Rhoades is the daughter of Sir Jon and Miss Sonny, and is the sister to Perry Rhoades, and resides in

the Town of Suburbia on the planet Cygnus. She is briefly seen in the beginning of Serial 11 where she's seen having a meal with the family before leaving for one of her many tours and appears an episode later giving a live performance on said tour. She is rarely seen or mentioned past that point in the Serial.

Lorri is said to be an offbeat musician, as she actually tries to write her own music; most Cygnusian musicians simply play music from the Elder Race and believe there's no point in making original music as they claim the Elder Race had done everything they can with music. However Lorri and other musicians such as Jack Kelly seem to prove that it is indeed possible to still write original, inspired music.

Lorri's namesake possibly comes from that of Laurie Anderson. According to The Author her music is in the style of Jean Micheal Jarre, and the personality of Laurie Anderson.

Perri And Lorri

Lorri teases her brother due to his inability to play a piano even with a set that compensates for his large hands.