Mutants, also known as Mutes, is the name given to Cygnusians that fail to meet some type of genetic

11x192 - Following the Possat

The Possat would be considered a Mute due to not only her human breasts, but her two extra sets of nipples as well.

standard on the planet of Cygnus. These failures can take various forms, from the unseen (one having a higher percentage of animal DNA/Genetics than humans), to the seen (having paws, as is the case with Princess Jenny of Webberton). What the exact mutation is and how it impedes the individual varies; there has been sightings and talks of Mutants whose genetic composition cause them to act more animal than human, such as Kacey Caddell and how her dominant squirrel genetics cause her to act with increased shyness and social anxiety; the aforementioned Princess Jenny has paws for hands and feet which make it difficult for her to grasp and use items like other Cygnusians and gives her the ability to also extend and retract her claws and inaddition her Mutations cause her to have a speech impediment where she speaks in a feline manner; one Mute that Perry Rhoades once attempted to help was born without any limbs; and there can also be Mutes with extra physical features such as The Possat who not only has human breasts, but also contains two extra sets of breasts.

The New Baby

Dr. Reinhart holds a newly born Taur baby.

Mutes are usually treated with disdain and dislike, with Mutes being lucky to even be considered second class citizens as they are often exiled to No Furs Land and left to fend for their own lives though some Mutes come together and form their own their own tribes and groups, such as The Lost Ferals. Some Towns are tolerant to what other Towns would consider outcast Mutes, such as Brendovia that is tolerant towards Taurs, and Aviary that is tolerant towards Avians (that is, Cygnusians who have wings). Though, there are some Towns that will execute Mutes, especially those who are born Mute, and it is considered something of a sport by some Towns to actually go out and hunt Mutes.