No Furs Land is the name given to the unclaimed areas of jungle between the Towns of the planet of

Willow and Saint Saffron

Saint Saffron leads Willow Olson through part of No Furs' Land.


The jungle has no animals or insects, as there is one species on the planet re-evolved after the genetic disaster that wiped out all animal life. However, the genetic disaster did not effect plant life, leaving the jungle to grow closely compacted. Only a few heavily paved highways from the time before the disaster allow any passage for the Cygnesian people.

No Furs Land is home to numerous ruined cities which are regarded as the graves of The Elder Race, their remains long turned to dust without burial.

One can also find evidence of archeological excavations in No Furs Land, such as the excavation of The Master Animator's Castle financed by Blair Montgomery on behalf of the town of Halloween.

Those of the re-evolved Cygnesian species who are not human looking enough to be accepted by Cygnesian society are exiled to No Furs Land where they are condemned to live and die as wild animals. Some towns even advocate the practice of hunting them for sport, but this is ill advised, as No Furs Land has no law, making it an ideal place of business for bandits, highwaymen and privateers.

Those condemned as Mutants to No Furs Land who wish to live with some measure of communal protection must join The Lost Ferals, who live in a manner not too dissimilar from those used by ancient Native Americans.

The name "No Furs Land" has 2 relevant interpretations, "The land that belongs to no fur," and "The land where no one who would call themselves a fur is welcome."