Praline Ommandeer, full name Praline Hikari Tadashika-Ommandeer, is the mother of Jon and Rael Ommandeer, and a Priestess of the Omman Religion and is a feral white tailed doe that lives on Rubicon Forest on the planet Chikyu. She serves as her sons' first teacher early on in Serial 1, and is referenced numerous times throughout the series. Her first appearance was in 1x1 "An Invitation to the Living Forest"

Though she is a priestess, Praline remains humble, kind, and caring, with a wealth of knowledge on Omman Mythology and rather potent telepathic and healing powers as seen in 1x4 "The Storm".

According to prophecy, she is a consort of the Gods. She is a virginal mother who conceived of Rael and Jon during a dream and does not know who their father is.