Raelian Ommandeer, usually called Rael, full name Raelian Rhoades Tadashika-Ommandeer, is one of the three main protagonists of Spectral Shadows, the other two being Christine James and his brother Jonathan Ommandeer. He, along with Jon, is the son of Praline Ommandeer, a priestess of the Omman Religion. Thus he starts the story out as a feral deer but like many of the characters will take on many forms throughout the series. Rael's special talents include being friendly and easily making friends, playing the keyboard, and healing. He is one of the three Children of the Ommadawn along with Jon and Christine, and carries the title of Ra's Heart.

Rael is much more affectionate and emotional than his brother Jon, and is more about redeeming the lost and the wicked rather than dealing out immediate punishment, though that doesn't make him a complete pacifist, as seen in the intro to Serial 11 "The Planet of Genetic Misadventure" when he brandishes his Soul Sword against the vampire Lucius Rhaodes. Though where Jon is more concerned and attains a mastery over fighting, Rael is more concerned with healing and thus develops powerful healing skills. He also earns the title Master of Dreams after being the one to defeat Omega in The Aslander School of Magic, earning him and his team and friends the right to graduate from the virtual school.

In Serial 4 "The Trouble With Paradise" Rael falls in love with an equine named Melinda despite the warnings of his Sensei, Shane. Thus part of Rael's storyline is constantly trying to be reunited with his lover, something that ends up happening over and over again through various reincarnations.

At some point before the events of Serial 11 Rael would end up dying. He is revealed to be reincarnated as Jon's son, Perry Rhoades. It is also revealed that Perry's friend and lover Vicki Anderson is the reincarnation of Melinda as well.

Rael's name could be taken from a character of the same name from Genesis' "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway". It could also be a take off of the religion of Raelianism which believes people were created by extraterrestrials.


Concept art of Rael.

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A young Rael walks to Aslander with some of his companions.