Book 4 Cover

Book cover art for volume 4 of the collected Planet Of Genetic Misadventure

The Planet of Genetic Misadventure is the 11th proposed serial in the Spectral Shadows series. It is preceded by Serial 10 - Malice in the Shadows and succeeded by Serial 12 - For the Love of Mystery. Serial 11 is notable for being the only serial in the series to have been developed spontaneously on the internet with the assistance of participants from the Furry Fandom and to be illustrated profusely by Tigers-Kitten Creations. It is also the only serial to be presented as a true soap opera with an unlimited number of episodes allowing for the interwoven storylines of over 140 characters.


Protagonist Christine James is transported to the far distant future where she finds herself on the planet Cygnus which is populated by half animal people who resemble anthropomorphic cartoons in just about every way, including some that defy the expectations of nature, producing life forms that are unnaturally elastic, have no external reproductive organs to necessitate clothing, and have no uniform appearance.

Christine finds herself among old friends, including Sir Jon - the elderly incarnation of Jon Ommander, and Perry Rhoades - who proves to be a reincarnation of Rael Ommandeer which effectively reunites the trio of main protagonists from Serial 2. Christine explores her new world and makes many interesting friends among the cartoonish animal people. She even goes so far as to have herself transformed into a fox girl and changes her name to Christine Rhoades in order to fit in.

Christine then goes through several phases in her adventure, at first being scared of intimacy with the half animal alien types, then being determined to be true to only one lover which she finds next to impossible in her new Cygnusian body, and then attempting to deal with her new family after finally finding a mate.

In the midst of all this Christine finds herself attempting several careers to support herself, including healer and night club dancer. She also finds herself in and out of the drama of the people around her, numerous social controversies, wars and other potentially dangerous situations, all of which stem for various misunderstandings the animal people have come up with to make sense of the elder race of humans they evolved from.

List of Episodes Edit

For the complete list of episodes see List of Serial 11 Episodes.

Serial 11 is by far the longest running proposed serial in Spectral Shadows thus far. Originally intended to be only 25 or so episodes long a multitude of expansive plot and character ideas ended up extending and expanding the serial far longer than ever expected. Currently there are 170 Episodes, though this number does not include multi-part episodes. The Author estimates that S11 may finish around 300 episodes.


Serial 11 is based on ideas The Author developed in the mid 1980’s while watching The Get Along Gang – the idea being to develop a similar group of anthropomorphic cartoon characters and portray them seriously as a science fiction concept for adults, rather than a children’s cartoon. Thus the initial conception of Serial 11 was to explore the many aspects of cartoon animals that are often taken for granted in comedic situations and offer seriously plausible justifications for them.

The serial also includes parodies of various titles, genres and events that have been of interest to The Author, such as “I Love A Mystery,” “The Wizard Of Oz,” Anime Fandom, Furry Fandom, internet culture, Second Life, Progressive Rock Fandom and many others.

Due to the oddity of writing the serial spontaneously online, the serial became something of a chronicle of The Author’s online experiences during the years it was in production. Thus, various story arcs are at times autobiographical in an allegorical sense, and a secondary concept was added of exploring the positive and negatives of living in an internet based culture.

Yet a third dominating concept was added due to The Author becoming involved with various religious and political controversies on the net during the writing of this serial. The Author was actually challenged by a member of Furry Fandom to put something in the serial that would deal with issues of sexuality and the politics thereof. This plus some of the surreal religious arguments The Author became involved in added the concept of contrasting the serious portrayal of cartoon animals with the cartoonish nature underlying religion and politics. Thus, the cartoon animals aren’t funny, but everything their society compels them to build their lives around is ridiculous in the extreme.

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