Love Kills is the 24th Proposed Serial in Spectral Shadows. It is preceded by Serial 23 -The Pentalian Factor and succeeded by Serial 25 - Quest for the Stairway to Heaven. It is currently not being worked on, meaning that the only available material is the summary on the Synopsis Page. The name for the serial is possibly taken from the Freddie Mercury song of the same name.

The summary is as follows:

Raelian returns home to the forest just in time to get himself involved in a tragic love triangle between himself, Jon and Clarice. He is unaware of the extreme and savage acts Jon has already committed to possess her, or that Clarice is intent on manipulating them into a fight.

Despondent over Clarice's betrayal and hoping to prevent a confrontation with Raelian, Jon retreats to a mountain cave and struggles to regain his faith. A Melodeon appears and informs Jon that The Dream Weaver is angry with him for putting his personal interests ahead of the safety of The Pentalians. She has therefore programmed his death into her plans for the near future.

Jon responds by becoming reckless. He decides to give up his efforts to restore his faith and rejoins The Alliance who are trying to organize a fighting force to defend the forest against human attacks.

Jon returns just in time to learn that Raelian has received a message from Dr. Penning's assistant Cecil. Cecil is on the run, having stolen from Dr. Penning's research center a child that was born to one of the captured alien equines, which is assumed to have been fathered by a human being.

Cecil wishes to save the child and join the rebellion, but he is far away and now a wanted criminal. Thus his expectations for survival are minimal. It is decided that Jon will lead an expedition to rescue Cecil.

Unfortunately, Jon's reckless and destructive behavior during the expedition gives The Minister Of Propaganda all the ammunition he needs to whip up universal hatred of the rebel animals and their human supporters that are gathering in the forest. The Astral Pirates are called in. And Jon knows he will die in the hellish battle that ensues.

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