The Wild West Hero is the 29th Proposed Serial in Spectral Shadows. It is preceded by Serial 28 - Rosebud and succeeded by Serial 30 - Survivors of Cygnus. It is currently not being worked on, meaning that the only available material is the summary on the Synopsis Page. Its namesake comes from the Electric Light Orchestra song "Wild West Hero".

The summary is as follows:

Having adopted a squire named Nemo from the Tauran Bear tribe, Jon is eager to show off the Sound Chaser. Jon tries to pick a destination, but Rocie informs him that The Dream Weaver has already selected their destination, as it will be a place where Jon can gain experience that he badly needs.

Jon swears a blue streak when they arrive in the old west of Polithsania, and he learns that his assignment is to become human and overcome his passionate prejudice and hatred towards that species.

In spite of Jon's instructions to be a human on this mission, he often morphs to relieve his stress, becoming a deer again and hanging out in the woods, where he has fun terrifying hunters and Native Polithsanians. But since Sonny and the two children they brought with them are stuck in human form and living in the town, Jon must always readopt his human form and rejoin them.

Jon has another source of frustration in this serial. Sonny is very well versed on the history of the old west, having been an avid TV watcher in her life as a Polithsanian housedog. Jon would be killing humans right and left if not for Sonny constantly warning him that he would be changing established history if he did so, which he's forbidden to do. Still, Jon delights in killing humans every chance he gets. He never loses a gunfight, nor does he ever lose at cards or any other game of chance.

Eventually Jon becomes revered as a god by the Native Polithsanians, after they behold his ability to morph from deer to man. And because of them his heart softens towards humanity. But a rumor of gold being found on their land has started a tragic chain of events, through most of which Sonny will hold Jon restrained and powerless to alter the fate of the first humans he has ever liked.

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