Survivors of Cygnus is the 30th Proposed Serial in Spectral Shadows. It is preceded by Serial 29 - The Wild West Hero and succeeded by Serial 31 - Machine Messiah. It is currently not being worked on, meaning that the only available material is the summary on the Synopsis Page.

The summary is as follows:

As the travelers depart the west, they discover an uninvited guest. A Native Polithsanian child has stowed aboard the Sound Chaser. He runs wildly about the console room flipping switches and playing with various controls, while Rocie screams in protest.

Before anyone can stop him he has sent the ship hopelessly out of control, speeding towards the barrier of its temporal limitation. It reaches the barrier and smashes through it. Beyond that point there are no recognizable sounds for Rocinantè to latch onto. And she continues careening into the future of an unknown universe, far from the reach of The Dream Weaver or anyone else who might help them.

A passing time traveler of that universe saves the ship and tows it to Earth, where they are told that the only known scientist on Earth who might be able to modify Rocinantè so that she can navigate the alien universe is Perry Rhoades.

The travelers will have some difficulty finding Perry, however, as he has disappeared into a virtual universe of his own design, so that he may live among his own cartoon creations and escape the disturbingly unhappy life he has lived among the humans of Earth for centuries.

But the crew of The Rocinantè aren't the only ones looking for Perry. Victoria has also managed to track him to Earth, along with a few of his other friends from Cygnus. Both elements will learn of Perry's virtual world and converge on it to draw him out. But he will not be happy to see any of them.