Blinded by Science is the sixth Proposed Serial of Spectral Shadows. It is preceded by Serial 5 - The Season of Death's Dominion and succeeded by Serial 7 - Building the Perfect Beast. It is currently not being worked on, therefore the only materials available is the summary on the Synopsis Page.

The summary for this serial is as follows:

Raelian is captured by humans and brought to the capitol city of Polithsania, which is called Babylon. There he escapes and becomes an object of terror to humanity, as accidents and destruction seem to follow wherever he goes. But he also becomes a hero to the underprivileged people he encounters there.

He learns that he has the power to send and receive radio signals with his mind. And he can speak to humans over telephones or through computer screens. He uses this ability to contact and befriend a disc jockey at an off world rebel radio station. And his on air conversations with the DJ make him an instant celebrity and cult figure.

Meanwhile, he also befriends a society of escaped research animals, attempting to sell them on the idea of giving up on living like humans and returning with him to the forest, where they can live like animals. Rael then becomes an object of controversy to the animal society, as they are divided on the notions of living peacefully or attaining power to enslave humanity.