The House of Spectral Shadows is the eighth proposed serial in the Spectral Shadows series. is preceded by Serial 7 - Building the Perfect Beast and succeeded by Serial 9 - The Mask of the Great Deceiver. It is not currently in progress, and therefore the only material available is the summary on the Synopsis Page.

The summary for this serial is as follows:

This serial sees Rael Ommandeer released from the Dream Weaver's order to remain a deer, which results in Rael taking a human form and taking up residence at The Rhoades Mansion with Christine James which results in him getting involved in all sorts of issues and problems with the other members of Christine's family. Each member has some sort of horror, mental anguish, or curse that Rael must deal with that will stretch his healing powers to the limit.

He must also investigate the mysteries of the house itself, as it imprisons the souls of anyone who dies within its walls in addition to randomly opening portals to different places and times. Rael's main curiosity is in the mysterious connection between the Rhoades Family and the Ommandeer Family.