The Mask of the Great Deceiver is the ninth Proposed Serial in Spectral Shadows. It is preceded by Serial 8 - The House of Spectral Shadows and succeeded by Serial 10 - Malice in the Shadows. It is not currently in progress, and therefore the only material is available on the Synopsis Page.

The Summary is as follows:

Raelian is transported back in time to his own forest where he witnesses and becomes a part of events in the pasts of Shane, Nicolas and Praline.

There he encounters his grandfather, Geno, a fire and brimstone preacher of The Omman Religion who torments Nicolas and Shane because their personalities are too strong to be dominated.

He also must deal with the oddity of meeting his own mother in her childhood years and resist the temptation of revealing his true identity to anyone, lest he change history and erase his own existence.