Sonja Silvetti Rhoades, also commonly called Miss Sonny, is a cocker spaniel that originally began the


Sonny Rhoades' "Featuring" Card as seen in Serial 11.

story as a normal feral animal but later becomes anthropomorphic later in the series. She first makes her appearance in Serial 11 "The Planet of Genetic Misadventure", where she is married to Sir Jon and is living in The Rhoades Mansion in the Town of Suburbia with their two children Perry and Lorri Rhoades and their maid, Pamela Banks. She is the current Queen of Suburbia, with Sir Jon taking the position of Mayor, though Miss Sonny likes to focus more on family oriented matters while leaving her husband to the more political side of things, though she will step in when her authority is needed, as seen in 11x55 "Miracles Out of Nowhere" where she steps in to keep Kacey Caddell alive when she's on life support, going so far as to threaten the dissolution of the town if her townspeople if they keep acting up.

Abilities wise, not much has been seen of her powers, outside of using a headband that appears to give her the ability to create and shoot energy balls.

According to the Spectral Shadows Character List, Miss Sonny is supposed to be a readily adaptable Time Traveler's character companion.